EMDA has represented GERB in Norway since the year 2000. We have supplied to several oil companies and engineering companies especially for the Norwegian offshore industry. We do special design to solve YOUR problem.


If you have corroded springs, you can send us information and we will produce a solution  which fits with same footprint as the old one. If  you want a more sophisticated material this can be done because every solution is a special design.

Vibration problems can be controlled, contact us we and we will help you to solve it. 

Please see link to GERB web page below there you will find information about our very special profession, vibration isolation, vibration control and seismic protection.

This covers the elastic support of machines, other equipment, buildings as well as trackbeds of subways and railways.

Another major application that GERB deal with is the damping of structures like bridges, stacks, buildings, stadiums and monuments with so called Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD).

Link to web-page:


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