Emda has represented GERB in Norway since the year 2000.  We have supplied to several oilcompanies and engineering companies especially for the Norwegian offshore industry.

Weforma develops, produces and distributes deceleration components for industrial applications.
The product range covers shock absorbers, heavy duty shock absorbers,

Expansion Joints from Frenzelit. Corrosive media, large movements, vibrations and a wide variety of pressure levels as well as extreme temperatures.Customised solutions are essential in industrial


Hadar light is suitable for use in
any environment where an explosive atmosphere may
exist, the range of luminaires
within the Hadar Lighting portfolio

GaV Group is one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of pressurized containers in northern Europe. We strive to create
long-term bonds with our clients for mutual trust and benefit

I&O is  a well-established
sheetmetal workshop with a large experience from projects calling for high-quality know-how in sheet metal working.   Below you will find some pdf broschures and link to
their web page

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